Ikea Hack (Hemnes) with Cozy Wall Art Decal

This post is sponsored by Cozy Wall Art - creating products that accent the life and personality of a home. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Most of you guys probably know by now that I have a thing, some might call it a fetish, for customizing Ikea furniture. (If you don't believe me or have forgotten, check out what I did to a Hemnes dresser, Lack table, and Malm dresser.)
While I've loved the results of my previous Ikea furniture personalization efforts, I have to say that those projects were waaaay more labor-intensive than the dresser makeover I'm about to show you now. And I love this one just as much, if not moreso.

 Let's start at the beginning. A few weeks ago, Cozy Wall Art contacted me and asked if I'd be willing to do a product review for them. I checked out their website and immediately fell in love with many of their products. The decals are actually designed for walls, but as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it for my girls' dresser as a key part of their bedroom makeover.
Why would their dresser need any attention, you might be wondering? Three words: boring. white. laminate.

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So. After enlisting the help of my 5-year-old in choosing the decal colors online (actually, that's a small lie. I insisted on black branches. Blossom color was her choice. If it would have been left solely to her, I'm afraid we would've had a veritable Pepto-hued branch-and-blossom explosion on our hands) (Not that there's anything wrong with that), I placed my order and quickly received this little number in the mail:
(May I diverge from the actual process description for a moment to say what an impressive customer service experience I've had with Cozy Wall Art? They not only shipped the item quickly, but they also included a free bonus decal (the flower below) and a couple of munchies in that cute ribbon-tied bag (above). Included instructions were helpful, and to top it all off, the shipping package was secured with decorative packing tape. It's obvious to me that these people have their eye on the details in décor of all kinds. I loved it all.)
 Anyway. I first cleaned the girls' dresser (which was like a facelift in and of itself) then followed the aforementioned helpful instructions and installed the decal on the Hemnes dresser.
Because I was installing the decal over drawer seams, I did have to go section by section and cut the decal apart so the drawers would be able to open. Even with this added complication, the installation was straightforward, and I used the squeegee that Cozy Wall Art included in the package with great results. Honestly, I'm no vinyl expert, but the process was easy and even, dare I say, therapeutic.
It was at this point (photo below) that I started to get suuuuuper excited about how this was turning out. Isn't the shape of that branch just so pretty?

One thing: What the what on wonky lighting in these photos?
One other thing: In self-doctoring the decal to work for this dresser, I was very careful to cut the decal to stop at the edges of the flat parts of the dresser drawers. 1 mm longer on any of my cuts would've ended the decal on the tapered part of the corner, which would've resulted in less-than-ideal adhesion. Any resulting gaps in the decal, due to this decision, were visually negligible, as you can see below with the full branch that's ready for blossoms:
I was also impressed with the attention to detail in the design itself. There was variety among the blossoms themselves - I think four totally different blossom silhouettes of varied sizes, and the smaller buds. This kind of thing is what makes the end result so, I dunno, art-like. The blossoms look unique and alive. Well, not alive exactly, but you know what I mean. 
So. I stuck the blossoms on, pretty much following the enclosed suggestion sheet. My girls both squealed when they got home from school and saw the dresser for themselves.
 I think that translates into Mission: Accomplished.
Thank you, Cozy Wall Art, for sharing your genuinely wonderful product with me and my readers. Everyone else: I recommend checking these guys out, for real. So many great designs for so many different styles.
(If you're interested, check out how I "wallpapered" my home office with geometric Cozy Wall Art decals.)
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  1. Anonymous10/25/2013

    Love it, love it, love it! Great project.

  2. I love this!!!!I featured you this week at Boogieboard Cottage, Take care, Mary

  3. Anonymous10/31/2013

    This just so beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. @Sherry - Thank you! I can only hope you'll like the next one as well...
    @Mary - I'm honored. Thanks so much.
    @byheleng - I'm super happy with the result and am so glad you like it, too. So easy! It's awesome.

  5. Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.
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