Home Office Makeover...Almost Done...

This post is written in collaboration with CozyWallArt.com. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.
Hey guys!
I apologize for my absence over the past week. We've been a bit sick around here, plus I picked up
Gone With the Wind on a whim last week and couldn't blog because that book is a saddening 1,000+ pages. Priorities, people.
Anyway. You perhaps read about my excruciatingly un-inspiring home office and how I was determined to do something about it.
(Who are we kidding. You've lost sleep over it, I know you have.)
(You haven't? In fact, you've never even heard of me and this is your first time to this little part of cyberspace and so far you think I'm odd and too tangential? Huh. Welp, I'll say this for you: You're insightful. And welcome.)

So, between my wanting to throw my book across the room in frustration over Scarlett O'Hara and my rocking and holding and rocking some more my very sweet-clingy-sick toddler, I actually got started on the home office makeover. 
Here's the super awesome and accurate mockup of my vision:
Annnnd, here's a sneak peek of the real thing:
My first order of business was to delineate just, exactly, where the home office was going to be in the corner of my family room. I did this by painting a 9' section of the corner wall white.
I then got these jacks decals from CozyWallArt in black. (You guys might remember this other recent project I did with awesome decals from CozyWallArt.)
I used the 6" ones and spaced them one-per-square-foot. Originally, I had planned on using 10" jacks and spacing them one-per-14-inches. But the awesome designers at CozyWallArt, who knew the size of my wall, thought that the end result might not end up how I was envisioning. They sent me some .pdf files depicting a few different layout options - and they were absolutely right. I changed my order right away. You guys, this company is the real-deal for quality and for wanting what's best for the customer.
I used a measuring level and dotted out a grid on my wall - 12" between dots, and each dot would touch the same spot on the individual jacks. I also used a level on each jack before firmly placing it on the wall.
Oh yeah. Every once in awhile, I'd stand back and check out the growing geometry of the wall. Love the retro, almost sputnik vibe of these jacks and how, overall, they look like super retro-modern geometric wallpaper.
I had to choose between making part of the top jacks go onto the ceiling or part of the middle jacks go onto the chair rail. I chose the former, and I'm happy I did.
I like how the chair rail kind of disappears with the graphic wall. And I looove the graphic wall. It was surprisingly quick to put up, too - maybe took 3-4 hours, including measuring and leveling and all. Maybe less.
 I moved office stuff around to make it work better for my home office space. There are now two chairs, and two workspaces, instead of one. The desk itself is cleared off, which makes it much easier for using it as an actual work station.
I got the green chair for a few bucks at a thrift store - it was previously an ugly not-cream-not-brown color (you know the color I'm talking about), so I spray painted it this happy kelly green. Also, you can't really see it in this photo, but the lamp is a sweet vintage desk lamp that was also an unfortunate shade of brown but was brought into this millennium with some black spray paint.
I'm awaiting the arrival of a rug (should come in a couple of days). And I'm on the hunt for the perfect simple-retro wall clock. But, that being said, I genuinely couldn't be happier about the change to this little corner of our family room.
Don't forget to check out CozyWallArt.com for yourselves. In my opinion, their decals on the wall are the best part of this very basic home office upgrade. In fact, my husband was working down here yesterday and said he liked being able to look at the geometric wall as he worked. I think it's mentally stimulating without being distracting, you know? 
Do you have a "home office" space? What do you guys think is the best or worst or most important component of a successful home office?

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  2. This looks really good, totally changed the look of the room. Dare I say were they easier to apply than wallpaper? I have a study/craft room not really a home office as such and have applied some mirrored wall decals of bird cages to the walls which I absolutley love ... and it was much easier than wallpapering!


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