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My top-10 favorite posts of 2012:

10. Paint Chip Mobile. Anything using paint chips brings me joy, actually, so this shouldn't shock you. But paint chips plus ombre? Come ON. Cutest. Oooh, that reminds me...

9. ...Ombre Painted Dresser. I'm pretty obsessed with ombre, even though it's been around for a while and is probably on its way out. I love the casual vibe of this one, fits right in around here.

8. DIY Tray out of an old Photo Frame. What can I say, I love this. Nothing fancy, but I use it every day and see it even more, and it makes me smile. Like peanut m&ms, but fat-free.

 7. How to Paint a Straight Line. Not super glamorous. I love this post because it's brutally honest and embarrassing. And, frankly, it's a sure-fire way to paint a straight line!

 6. Harlequin Diamonds. This project turned out better than I was expecting, and that's not always the case.
5. DIY Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier. I think I like this post because my house didn't burn down while doing this, although it could have. And that reminder makes me glad.
4. Vintage Button Art. Deep down, I still love things organized in rainbow patterns. Actually, not even that deep down.

3. Folding Chair Makeover. This project was done on a whim, but it turned out so well that my son wanted a custom folding chair for himself. Hello, compliment, I'm happy to meet you.
2. Master Bedroom Makeover. My first whole-room makeover where I started with a plan, I got in, got it done, and got out. Still tweaking things, of course, but that's the fun. I love how the room turned out...and so does my husband, which is the ultimate gold star.
1. Living Room Makeover. Seeing where this poor room was just a few short years ago and what it's become today is evidence that, although I sometimes make some weird decor choices, eventually things come around. And that's a nice thing to be reassured about.

There you go. My faves. But, truthfully, THESE guys (and their dad) are my faves:
 (Above photo courtesy of my uber-talented photog friend Julie.)
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