DIY Gift Idea: Door Draft Stopper

I love Christmastime. I really do. We're working this year on keeping the Spirit of the Season in mind around our house. We're doing things more slowly and with greater care. We're trying to smile more. We're reading stories together every night. We're trying to get back to a time (was there ever a time?) when Christmas was simpler. When a candy cane and a cozy blanket and a good book were ingredients for a perfect afternoon. When we lived for Friday night so we could pop some corn and play Christmas bingo as a family.
I dunno. Maybe that all sounds a little too nostalgic and weird. But not as weird as what I'm about to recommend as a DIY gift idea. (And if that's not the best segue you've ever read, I'll be shocked.) (Which is absolutely true if by "be shocked," you know I mean "not be shocked." Just so we're clear.)
Enter (drumroll please) the door draft stopper.
Now, I don't live in a drafty cave or anything, but there is a distinct chill that comes through around our exterior doors in the colder weather. So one afternoon, in about 15 minutes, I made two draft stoppers for the front and back doors. I don't know why I've gone seven winters in this house without these babies.

Suuuuper easy. Here's what you do:
- Measure your door width. Add about 8".
- Cut two strips of fabric that are each the length of your door width plus the 8", and about 8"-10" wide.
- Placing right sides together, sew the two long edges and one short end together to create a very long, narrow sack.
- Turn sack right-side-out. 
- Fill with dried beans, rice, or wheat kernels.
- Fold under the rough edge, then sew up the top.
- Viola. End of door draft stopper creation.

It's so simple, you guys. I love this thing, and not just because it's made of mattress ticking. (You'll remember my fetish from here, here, or here.) 
I love it because (a) it was so easy to make, (b) it's already made such a big difference in the amount of cold air I feel by the door, and (c) ummm...I can't remember my third reason, but I know there was one. No matter. You'll just have to trust me that I love it.
I'd recommend making some of these for yourself and then, if you're stumped about a couple of people on your list, make some for them for the holidays. Great DIY gift.
Rather than spending more time trying to convince you of the door draft stopper's merits as a holiday gift, though, I'm now off to get some cleaner for that front entry rug. Hooo-eeee. Kids and winter and boots are a deadly combination.
Happy gifting!

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  1. Thanks for the easy tutorial. I need a couple of these for our apartment! We'll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

  2. That looks so much better than the towel I rolled up just the other day and put next to a drafty door. :) Thanks!

  3. This is so cute. I love mattress ticking. Thank you so much for sharing with Adorned From Above’s Link Party. We love having your join the fun.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  4. not sure i thought to give these as gifts. great idea.

  5. I need these for our drafty townhouse! What do you think is the best insulating material -- rice, beans, or wheat kernels? Or do you think it doesn't make a difference?

  6. Well that was easy, this door draft stopper tutorial is just like creating a pillow but a lot easier, this gift idea is perfect for the winter.

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