The "New" Settee - a Sneak Peek

Friends, my half-hearted apologies for being M-I-A of late. This is actually the first time I've used my computer in the last five days...and I'm just popping on here to say hello, and that I have some fantastic things to share with you coming up.
The only problem is, it's spring around here. And I (and my children) have been definitely bitten by the sunshine bug. It's all outside, all the time for us right now.
But here's a sneak peek at what I finished up last week, which, if you read this homage, should come as no surprise:
To be completely honest, as much as I love the patchwork pillows, I'm not sure they're ending up being the right thing for this reupholstered settee in the living room. There's already a lot going on.
And also...the settee's dark wood frame actually looks much more severe in this photo than in real life. Frankly, despite whatever photographical flaws are apparent here, this is my new favorite piece of furniture of practically all-time.
I hope you're able to enjoy the sunshine wherever you are...literally and/or rhetorically, as the case may be. And don't forget to enter the giveaway, if you haven't already!
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  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see what's coming up!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  2. I love the pillows!

  3. I want it. I want it in my house right now. It's perfect.


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