Master Bedroom Makeover: Vanity

Master Bedroom Makeover
Day 7: Vanity
** Note: This post is part of a 12-step series in my master bedroom makeover. Links to the other (previous) steps are listed at the end of this post.

We're halfway done! Except not really, because it takes some living to make a space truly legit. But still. Halfway to the starting line, anyway. Baby steps.

Our master bathroom is super small, in fact, that there's no space to store things like makeup and extra bars of soap. Which is why this French provincial vanity makes me happy. It looks old and, dare I say, dingy...and I couldn't love it more.

I've never gotten around to doing anything with the surface. It holds a small magnifying mirror, a curling iron (my girls love to sit here and get their hair done) (when they actually let me do their hair) (which is, like, never), and some hair product.


So I took an old photo frame, painted it blue, made and inserted a map collage under the glass, and added handles to make a tray for jewelry and miscellaneous.

And, originally, I had planned on finding a larger mirror and lamp to be useful with the vanity here. The mirror would hang on the wall, and the lamp will aid in my beautifying efforts. However, despite my searches, I have yet to find a mirror or lamp that I love for this space.

I was tempted, several times, to purchase something just because I knew I'd be posting this on the blog and I feel lame posting something deliberately incomplete as the "after" portion of a post. But my blog is a journey - an imperfect one at that - and I've vowed not to fill my life with stuff for the blog's sake.

So. Here it is, the imperfect vanity vignette. Complete until further notice, when I find a lamp, larger mirror, and/or change things up to fit with my reality. :)

For more imperfect postings, come visit this blog often! Especially tomorrow, because it's Day 8: Wall Art. And who doesn't love walls? (And, FINE, art, too...)

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  1. LOVE this project. This seems like something I could handle. :)

    1. You could handle any of these, Rae! But, yes, espesh this one. It turned out better in real life than the photos show, in my honest op.

  2. I love that tray! What a cute idea. I'd love for you to share this at my link party going on right now:

    Have a great week!
    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

    1. Thanks for the invite, Shannon. I'd love to pop on by and share, if your party's still going on. :)

  3. is why this French provincial vanity makes me happy. ...


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