Basement Guest Bedroom: House Tour

Actually, the title of this post should originally be "Room Filled with Junk and Random Storage including a Bed Which Means that Occasionally People Would be Forced to Sleep Here."
I don't think it started out this way, but over time, our spare bedroom became a catch-all of miscellaneous items that we had no place for elsewhere. An old twin boxspring, bookshelves full of stuff like book dust jackets, etc. Looked, embarrassingly enough, like this:

Because my parents got back from their three-year stint in Sweden, they visit us more often. I wanted to have a space for them that actually felt like we wanted them to come here, so I reorganized and changed up the bedroom decor. The bedroom currently looks like this: 

I love the cool serenity of the husky grey painted walls, and I just don't think you can go wrong with crisp, simple white bedding. Annnnd pallet boards are always easy on the wallet, so that's a plus.
You can read all about the guest bedroom transformation if you're interested (including step-by-step tutorials for the components you see). Or, if your curiosity is piqued, take a full-on house tour.
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