your ?s answered

Q: Your question here.
A: Sure, after I finish this cookie.

Q: In the 10th photo of this post, there's a little copper (?) man playing a piano. My mother had one of these! Where did you get it?
A: My parents had it in my house while I was growing up, and I lucked out and got it now. I have no idea how old it is or anything, but it really is a delightful little thing...a wind-up that plays "The Entertainer," no less.

Q: How do I post a photo of something I did that's similar to something you posted about?
A: I'd love to see it! Seriously. Email it to me, along with whatever you want to tell me about it: brittneynsmart [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Q: (a) You mention about how you sewed the circles together on your second one; how exactly did you sew them?
(b) Also, I noticed that you said you stapled two sheets together, is this because you wanted to maximize your time in hole punching?
A: (a) I started with about 6" of thread pulled out from the needle on my sewing machine, then sewed the number of circles required for that particular set (with no space in between circles but not overlapping, either). You could cut the thread here (at the bottom of your last circle) and repeat with your next strand; or, you could keep the thread continuous and simply keep a 6" space between each strand as you're sewing. Whatever you're more comfortable with.
(b) Exactly.

Q: Love that curtain "rod"! Is that just natural rope?
A: Thanks! It's actually fairly thin sisal rope (purchased at Hobby Lobby), three pieces randomly braid-twisted together.

Q: What brand & color of spray paint did you use on this chair?
A: I believe it was Valspar Everglade. By the by, I'm loving Valspar spray paint these days. They've really stepped up the quality all-around.

Q: It appears this piece has or had a lock...did you have to disable it for your makeover?
A: Yes and no. There was indeed a lock, but we had no key. So we disabled it. If we had had a key, we would have kept it intact and I probably wouldn't have painted it, because the key would scrape the paint off anyway.

Q: Do you have a GFC button so I can follow you that way?
A: Yes, actually. On my left-hand sidebar.

Q: Do you have a post on the DIY sunburst mirror? I absolutely love it!
A: Thank you. Unfortunately, no. But good news! If you go to my "DIY" Pinterest board (I think), there's a sunburst mirror tutorial there that I used.

Q: How did you remove the drawer glides from the top section here?
A: This piece actually had an opening in the top slot originally. Just two drawers.

Q: Where did you find the fabric used on this chair?
A: At Fabric Guru. I believe the manufacturer is Mill Creek.

Q: Where did you find that rug?
A: It's a simple flatweave from Ikea; I actually DIY'd the chevron pattern.

Q: So, seriously, you went through two punches?!
A: I KNOW, right? Ugh.

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