Dining Room: House Tour

When we moved into our house, the dining room looked like this:
(Photo circa 2006.) 

There's a lot to comment on, but I'm trying to keep this blog a positive place, so I'll be brief. Shrinky dink table + eNORmous high chair, dingy-looking curtains that barely cover the sliding glass doors, undersized wall decor, a floating wall-mounted phone, and that wallpaper trim. Yipes stripes. 
Over the course of a couple of years, we removed the wallpaper trim, painted the room an avocado green, moved one cabinet out from being directly over the kitchen bar area and mounted it here instead (the white cabinet below), replaced the curtains & rod, added another wall thing, exchanged monster high chair for smaller booster seat, added a black dresser/table. 

(Photo circa 2009.)

The table is still too small for the space, although at least the room has the makings of some sort of personality here.

Fast-forward a few years. We painted (shocker, I know), created an art wall of sorts (I use the term verrrry loosely here), hung a drum shade chandelier, opened up the cabinet, swapped dining table & chairs, and replaced tile with hardwood.

(Photos taken 2012.)
Again, big plans for this dining room. Involving some updated curtains and a rug. We'll see how it all comes together!
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