Happy Weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend. Got any fun plans? As for me (because I know you're dyyyyying to know), I'm going to hang out with these crazies...
...and ponder happy thoughts in my living room.
(Photos taken by my photog-wizard friend Julie at Simply You Photo.)

Because next week is living room overhaul week around here! Hooray! (and yikes!)

K, I'm out. But seriously. Have a lovely weekend.
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  1. Good weekeend....

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous Britt. I'm serious. I am just in awe while watching you become this super woman of so many interests, skills, and BEAUTY. Love you.

    1. Easy on making me tear up a little bit! Thanks Rae. Let's be friends again, k? And meet up. Because I miss you!

    2. I am so down with that idea! You're just a quick jaunt away. Why am I not in my car RIGHT this second? Oh, because it's 2:41 AM. Yep. Got the 'ol insomnia. But sers. It's time.


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