tulip chairs & pops of red

I found this tulip chair at the local thrift store for five bucks. He's definitely seen better days (years?), but he's got good bones (or whatever you'd call it under that shredded black automotive pleather).

There's no doubt I'm salivating over what to do with this find. Seriously a zillion options (well, four), all of them good.

 I like the matte wovens against a chair's chrome stem. Not so blingy.

I kinda like a pop o' red, too, though. Like, a lot. A lotta pop. (Do you wonder if it was a late night like this one, following a similarly tired train of mumblings, when "otter pops" were named? Discuss at your next social gathering. It'll make you popular.)
(A word which, coincidentally, can be abbrev'd into "pop.")
(I wonder why I haven't been invited to many social gatherings lately. Weird.)

Thoughts? If not...let the online hunt for a suitable upholstery fabric begin! Always an adventure. Maybe a frustrating wish-I-lived-somewhere-with-more-retail-options adventure, but an adventure nonetheless.

p.s. Randomly, I recently found this site for a breakdown of modern-classic chair shapes. I love chairs!
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