Bummer. I'm bummed.

Got a package yesterday and saw on the return address that it was some casters I ordered for my coffee table.
Nothing more exciting than getting a package, you guys. Even if you know what's inside. Am I right? (Answer: Yes, yes I am.) Unfortch for me, uponst opening the box, I discovered these:
BUST!! Totally not what I ordered. I tried to see if they would still work, in some sort of crazy unintentionally-turns-out-awesome-anyway twist of fate. Nope. They look, in a word, stupid.
Which pushes my living room completion back a ways. But I guess that's okay, because there are always projects cookin' around here. Well, not "cooking" for real (unless ramen noodles is considered "cooking"), but...you know what I mean. Stuff going on. 
For example, this genius idea, where you take some of these:

Cut a slit in one of these:

 And use them together. Viola, a fine motor skills insta-game for your baby and/or toddler!

 And, even though you came here hoping for some living room makeoverage, it's not even that much of a stretch, really, because babies can play with this little nugget in the living room. BAM.
Dear Casters People,
Please send my real order fast. I'm getting desperate here.
Love, Brittney
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