Basement Bedroom Conundrum

So, here's the frustrating thing for me about basements: they're so dark! We have two bedrooms in our basement. One is my son's, and it's his favorite place because it's virtually made out of legos.
(Okay, not really. But close. There are enough legos IN his room to build probably a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. But not a lamp. Not yet. Maybe after Christmas, that will be remedied...)
The other basement bedroom is our guest bedroom, slash, random storage area. It's on the hit list for my next makeover. But I'm having a hard time knowing what direction to take it, because there's not a ton of natural light in the room. One below-ground-level window. Which is depressing. Kind of.
Until I spied some of these lovely basement spaces. Inspiration is striking...
Hmm. Some ideas forming. We'll see how things actually pan out.
What's your trickiest room to decorate? Have you just tackled it or, like me, ignored it for years hoping it would decorate itself? 
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  1. I don't like basements either but if mine looked anything like the pictures you pinned (as in not a concrete storage cell) then I probably wouldn't mind it toooo much.

    I also wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog and after recently being nominated for a couple of awards - I wanted to share the love with you!

    1. I love all your comments, Crystal. Seriously. They're thoughtful and genuine. Thank you for the bliggity bloggity award! I'll check it out now!


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