Window Blinds & their Merits

So, I kind of think the 80s and 90s gave window blinds a bad rap. A little bit. I know that my family, at least, went overboard on the vinyl-slats-for-every-window mantra. (I think our family motto was something like, "Ask not what blinds are right for your windows, but ask instead how many windows you can cover with blinds." We may or may not have recited that at dinnertime.)
Fortunately, the past few decades have been good for us all in the blinds department. Because there are some great (read: super stylish, pragmatic, and downright awesome) options out there.
In my home now, we love a good window covering. Especially ones that have a let-it-be-pitch-black-in-here-even-at-noon option. Because maybe some of us take naps at noon. Or maybe some of us don't have time to take naps but really really wish we could, and we like to keep the option open in case the stars ever align. The noon-time stars, of course.
But I digress.
So. Blinds. And/or shades. I'd recommend them for the following reasons:
1) They're visually practical. They block or soften (or anywhere in between...technically referred to as "bloften") the harsh sunlight when you want them to and give you privacy, particularly at night. If you can budget for it, custom blinds (such as these) are the way to go for quality and aesthetic longevity.
2) They're thermostatically (don't worry, I have an English degree. I can combine letters into groups that may or may not be words and use them with confidence and authority) practical, keeping the "greenhouse effect" at bay. Who doesn't love that during the scorching months? 
3) They're style-enhancing. Or, at least, they can be (ahem, I'm looking at you, dusty-rose-colored vinyl blinds of my childhood). Window blinds can add a contemporary flair, a critical textural element, or any other vibe (depending on the blinds) to a room. And, bonus, it costs no floor or wall space to do so.
 What do you think about blinds, shades, or window coverings in general? Any memorable ones from your childhood?
This post is sponsored by Melbourne Blind Company, an Australian owned, family business with an emphasis on quality at affordable prices. All opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. We actually just put mini blinds up in the kitchen from a solid pull down. Not the most gorgeous things in the world but for $3.99 at Target you can't beat it functionally. Plus someday I hope to add some fabric window treat to the top of the window so the blinds are hidden when the sun is out!

    1. Have you seen any of the online tutorials for creating roman shades out of mini blinds, Crystal? My friend did it for her girls' bedroom, and it's a fabulous look for pretty cheap.

    2. I have but they look hard!!!!!! I'm sure I could do it but I guess I'm feeling lazy! ;)

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