Persian Rugs: I Heart You

Hey friends. It's Friday, and I'm feeling a little lazy. In fact, I may or may not be writing this in my pajamas...that I may or may not have worn all day yesterday...
You'll never know for sure.
I'm loving Persian area rugs in everyday homes and rooms. They add such a sense of history and class and color and pattern and and and... Anyway.

I guess they can be overdone, too. (Celerie Kemble has a thing against using Persian rugs as a default, and I enjoy her style. So. There's some food for the amateur home decorator's thought.)

Buuuut, me? As a rule, I love them all the same.
Here are some that have caught my eye. Enjoy.

Pinned Image
source unknown...anyone?

(Oh, and remember at the beginning of that last paragraph when I said "everyday homes"? I use the word "everyday" verrrrry loosely. Kinda like how it would be if I said I deep-clean my house everyday. I mean, who LIVES in places like this one below?!?!)
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So, I'm genuinely curious: Are you a yay or nay on Persian area rugs? Are they a touch of class or too stuffy? C'mon, spill it.
And also? Have a lovely Friday and weekend. Thanks for visiting me. It's amazing to me (and very humbling) that so many of you keep coming back to my little blog here...and putting up with my area rugs addiction. Thanks.
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  1. I love Persian rugs! I love the inspiration pics you posted, especially that first one. That rug looks amazing with that chair!

    1. I know, right? I want both (the chair & rug) for my own self. So much so that I'm thinking about finding a chair that I can reupholster in floral and pairing it with a Persian rug somewhere in my house. Heh. Thanks, Marium.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2013

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  3. Gorgeous photos, I especially like the antique Persian rug in the last picture. I read the title of this post wayyy too fast and thought it said: Persian Rugs: I hate you! =0

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