Racecar Stripes & Some Random Words

I don't remember much about elementary school, but one thing I do remember was from 2nd grade, where I learned that the word "racecar" is spelled the same forward and backward.

And if you're amazed at that little tidbit, well, the learning never stops here at SmartGirlStyle. Which is completely true if you replace the words "never stops" with "is going to start any minute now."
I know it seems like my DIY posts have been a little sparse lately. This isn't because I'm being lazy! It's because I've decided a few things about my blog and life and home.
Firstly: Contrary to what I maybe have led you to believe, I don't do deadlines in home decorating very well (as discussed in my living room design post). I don't like to force things that should, over time, come out naturally. I read somewhere that home decorating decisions should be smart and they should be honest. I've mulled those words around in my head lately, and I feel like I need to get back to them.
Secondly: I have no professional interior design programs under my belt, but I enjoy analyzing inspiring interiors and figuring out ways to make UNinspiring interiors better. You might see more of this here. Because I'm queen of this little interior design-ish blog, that's why. (Not to go all Napoleon on you, of course.) (Although the man did crown himself Emporer. And I may have nicknamed this blog "Frenchy." So. There is that.)
Thirdly: I've been working on updating my son Carson's bedroom (it's been in desperate need for quite some time now) but haven't blogged about that yet. Not-a-baby-anymore-but-not-a-teenager-either boys' room designs are a challenge, at least for me, unless you're okay with lego- and plants.vs.zombies-themed posters and tchotchkes everywhere. As a rule, I'm not okay with that. But then when I see how much it means to him, I figure there has to be a balance somewhere.
Fourthly: It's cold outside, and I have nowhere to paint furniture. Well played, Old Man Winter. Well played.
Fifthly: BUT I thumbed my nose at Old Man W and set up shop in the recently redone guest bedroom to paint my son's Ikea Hemnes. I've definitely learned a lot about how to paint furniture with oil based paint...starting with the realization that if a color is named "aluminum," chances are it's going to look like, well, aluminum. I'm now a virtual fountain of knowledge of such things. 
I'll post "real" photos when his room begins coming together, maybe later this week.
I don't really know how to end this post. With a joke? With an exclamation of gratitude? With an awkward silence followed by an abrupt walkaway? Yes, let's do that one.
*door closes*
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