Got branches?

This tree in our backyard has been a great climbing tree for the kids when they're too small/short to climb the "big kid" cherry tree.
Unfortunately, it was becoming dangerously lopsided, and Paul and I feared that one day it would break under the weight of an unsuspecting climbing kidlet. So we chopped it, leaving a stump. (Which, fortuitously, can now double as an au natural hose holder.)
 Good news, though. See the beautiful ringed pattern in that wood? The branches became the start of our living room fireplace filler.
I've been looking for something non-lame to do with our unused fireplace for literally years. We definitely need more wood, but I like the direction this is headed.

What do you guys do with your unused fireplaces? Or are we the only ones on the planet who don't actually use the fireplace?
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