Denim Upholstery! ... ?

I'm starting to daydream in denim lately. Which, frankly, I'm alarmed about. But also quite comfortable with...and a little excited for.

(And if my previous English teachers read this prepositionally-laden heartfelt apologies.)
I'm not after trashy redneck denim patchwork. (obv)
(hopefully obv)
(if it's not obv, then we have bigger fish to fry...)

But I'm digging the unique, casual vibe, not to mention the repurpose/recycle factor, of varied shades and patterns of denim on furniture.


I love the look of the more interesting parts of reused jeans incorporated into the upholstery, like buttons and pockets and zippers and belt loops and what-have-you. But I'm left to wonder if it would actually be interesting to sit on? Probably not. But maybe?
I have a bench that needs a facelift, and I'm thinking this would be a super easy and inexpensive way to upholster it for now. But I want it to be comfy, dangit.
Hmmm... Thoughts?
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  1. This is the third blog that I've seen talk about this in the last couple of weeks.

    I just DON'T get it!

    Nothing screams "Bad fad" to me more than this trend! I think it'll be a "what was I thinking" moment in about 12 months.

  2. I love the herring bone chair that you showed. I think denim done in such way makes the piece more original than fadish. Perhaps stripes of contrasting denim? Just don't include the "hard wear" of the denim. It screams man cave.


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