Entryway: House Tour

A couple of years ago, our entryway looked something like this:
(Photo taken circa 2009.)
Actually, this is an improvement of years previous, because there's actually a larger-scale art item on the staircase wall. There used to be two painfully small paintings there.
We've since repainted (including chunky horizontal stripes that I luuuuurve), worked on the front door entry, replaced ceramic tile with hardwood, and swapped out miscellaneous stuff. Currently, it looks like this:

I really wish, now, that I had the old chandelier back. Sighhhh. Dah well.
This is a bunch of individual frames I found at the dollar store. Worst. Project. EVER. to hang up.

It's outdated (going on 4 years now), but now that it's up, I hate to take it down. My babies!
(Photos taken 2012.)
Addendum: I'm constantly changing up the entryway. An update from this post shows the entryway now looking more like this: (Read all about it here.)

(Photo taken 2013.)
For your viewing pleasure and/or procrastination-enhancing time management, you can check out other works in progress around my house here.
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