Family Room: House Tour

Our family room is in the basement. It's a large room, hindered only by the fact that there's a load-bearing post right SMACK in the middle of the room. Awesome.
Although the basement has seen its share of terrible furniture (how I wish I took photos of each phase. very entertaining.), here's what it looked like a few years ago:
(Photo taken circa 2009.)
 We knew when we bought the house in 2006 that the basement carpet would be the first thing to go. It only took a major basement flood in early 2009 (just, y'know, three years later) to get us to actually replace the carpet. Oh, and the flood destroyed the bottom of that wall o' cabinets. 
Although my vision for this space is bright, we haven't spent a ton of time working on making over the family room. Because we want it to be a hang-out comfort zone, where wrestling matches and buttery popcorn and workouts abound.

And don't forget this little lovebug! (Not sure why it's missing from the above photo.)

(Photos taken circa 2012.)
Yeah, it's a total rec room. Definitely won't win any design awards, but it works perfectly for our family!
If you're interested in touring other rooms, click here.

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