baby steps to a welcoming entryway

After seeing the end-result photos on this post, I knew I had to start re-thinking my entryway. Unfortunately, I have no "before" photo, but here's a visual representation of my entry that should suffice:
Wait, there's nothing there, just a big empty space, you're saying. Bingo. Sometimes a non-picture is worth a thousand words. Our entry isn't huge; is hardly an "entry" at all. Rather, it's a narrow (less than two feet) space on the side of the door. No room for a chair, a bench, or a sneeze, really.
Because I'm easily obsessive-able (it's okay, I have an English degree. I'm allowed to make up words with 14 suffixes), various hues of red-orange have worked their way into my home and heart. Paired with chartreuse, I love the combo.
Wanting to change something NOW, I used some leftover paint on three old frames, printed some charcoal botanical sketches off google images, and threw some leftover chartreuse paint on a wooden basket. Maybe I even washed the frames' glass.* 
Work-in-progress, of course. At minimum, I still need to:
(a) figure out what to put in the chartreuse slat-basket (ideas?),
(b) get a flower in that vase,
(c) incorporate some beautiful billiard green or peacock blue (maybe paint the table? sometimes I hate "losing" wood to paint, but this wood isn't anything all that special),
(d) figure out a more appropriately scaled shoe basket, and
(e) find some umbrellas with cute handles, like curved cane or something.
Any entryway tricks/tips you guys have?

Addendum: Flowers added. Better.


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1 comment:

  1. I think it looks great (and a million times better than mine)! I love the red/gray/chartreuse combo.


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