coffee table

I've been happy enough with our coffee table situation for a couple of years now:
It's modern, it's curvy yet sleek, and it's visually lightweight. But ever since I saw this one:
...I have serious coffee table envy. Those wheels! That whitewash! It's perfect. Methinks I will be attempting to recreate something like this for my very own shortly.
But not too shortly, because once I do, I'll have to change out the rug we've got and then a sofa and and and... You know how it goes. Actually, I wish the same domino-effect applied to cooking. Like, if I make a stellar meal one night, then the next night I'd want to match it. Sadly, the opposite is true. I'll cook an edible dinner and throw in the proverbial towel for a month while my family licks the floor for scraps.

Good thing I don't sweep...

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  1. I love your humor! Maybe because I can completely relate to this post.
    I am a new follower!

  2. Thanks, Paula. That domino effect is totally how it goes, isn't it. Sad but true.
    Thanks for coming by!


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