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Random thought: Is there anything you'd rather hear LESS than someone saying, "Bless your heart"? Such a nice-sounding phrase...and yet, so potentially cutting to the core.


If I'm being honest with you all, today's post is the antithesis of a must-read, so I'll be brief. Have you ever had a collection of random "artwork" (I use the term very loosely, as you'll soon see) that you feel like you need to display but can't quite justify the nail-holes required to hang all the frames? Plus you don't even have enough frames so you'd need to buy more but aren't even sure if you want to? So instead of solving the problem you go eat the last piece of chocolate cake with a big glass of milk?

Bingo. Totally me.
Enter: this cute turquoise tape from Michael's:

I used the tape to put up a bunch of paper on the nursery wall. Like this cuteness from my 5-year-old:

And a pretty watercolor we've had for a while:

There's way too much stuff here right now (remember how I said I had a hard time editing when it comes to home decor? Bingo), but I just put it all up and will live with it for a while until I figure out where, exactly, I want to go with this wall.

I'm more of the do-stuff-then-figure-it-out decorator. Which sometimes gets me into trouble but sometimes results in a major turquoise-tape-induced-adrenaline-rush. Regardless of the wall's obvious overcrowding, do you like the tape idea, or are you more of a traditional frame girl? Either way...bless your little heart.
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