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You guys, I have a sickness. And it's called "I can't stop doing stuff in my house." Now, this wouldn't be a problem if it was useful stuff, like laundry and vacuuming and cooking. However (and unfortunately for my family who happens to enjoy a delicious dinner or two), it usually involves messes spread over all available surfaces and lots of paint.

This project was on the smaller scale (much to everyone's relief) but it just might rank among my favorites thus far. Inspired by this post, and because my one open cabinet was woefully dark and overstuffed and lame, annnnnnd because it's visible right when you walk into the front door, I decided to amp up the style factor and tackle the fabric-backed cupboard for a fresh new look.

Actually, I had attempted face-lifting this particular cupboard recently in the past, but I chose paint that was the total wrong color and I then filled the dang thing too full of random dishes so it looked, in a word, lame.

For $2.50, I bought a piece of foam board at WallyWorld, cut it to size, and pretty much followed the tutorial I linked to above. Fortunately, I had some fabric left over from this project that would work in the kitchen, so I used that.

Then I edited my already meager collection of displayable dishware because I'm trying to embrace the adage "less is more." (I believe this in many instances, but it's often hard for me to narrow things down. Which is why my posts, like this one, are wordier than necessary. Heh.)

It's a work in progress (my whole house is, frankly), but it's a start. And it took about 30 minutes to do and clean up. Which means there's room on the countertops to have made dinner and chocolate cake, nearly half of which I may or may not have consumed already.

My husband's reaction to the cupboard: "Wow. Fancy." No exclamation points (he's not one to become weepy over, say, a photo of someone's beautiful interior like I am), but he likes it. Phew.
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