Chevron & Your Granny

**On a more serious note: My thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the East Coast right now. I can't imagine.**

I know that, for many peeps out there, chevron has come and gone. It will come and go again, to be sure, but for many it's knocking pretty firmly on Death's decor door.
That being said, I'm still a fan and a believer. Call me a granny who clings to things from the past...but, in my defense, they're awesome things from the past. Like:
- Back to the Future (one-point-twenty-one jigawatts!)
- Jon Bon J (wooooah, livin' on a prayer, take my hand and we'll make it I sweeeaaaar) (except when I was younger, I thought that saying the word "swear" was like cursing, so I changed the lyrics to say, "...and we'll make it I pro-mise" haha! the beginning of the end of my nerd-dom),
- leg warmers (hello: practical, convenient, AND stylish), and
- Snapple (when was the last time you've had one? it's been way too long, for me, but those things were tasty). And, yes, now chevron.
How can you not love a print that contributes like this:





Happy costuming! We're getting producing the saddest awesomest werewolf specimen known to man, with a bit of brown felt and an authentic Lithuanian shapka.
That's right. Teen Wolf, you've got nothin' on our block.
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