Delightful mixed patterns

We're going crazy getting ready for Halloween around here. Which, if you know me well, easily translates into: I'm hucking some duct tape in my kids' general direction and yelling, "Make your own dang costume!"
Just kidding.
(Kind of.)
Anyway. In the festive vein of random yet delightful appearances, here are some mixed pattern decor lovelies:

Unique and fun spin on the traditional (and, dare I say, often stodgy) red-white-and-blue palette:

Patterns are all similar in size but in the same colors so that they don't compete too drastically. Plus, the Ikea chandelier ties in with the chair prints, which is cool. And how about that power-punch green artwork on the wall there? Love.

This is a delightfully busy, cozy dining room, from the wallpaper to the bamboo dining chairs to the chevron wingback. Good call on going with a plain natural weave (sisal? jute?) rug.

Super sparse bookcase contents helps the background pattern to shine. The varied scales of patterns build cohesion all, the crab painted on the garden stool? So great.

Serenity amid some pattern mixing. This speaks to me, although if I'm being honest (and I am), the sparseness would be hard for me to replicate.

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