Tip for Spray Painting Hardware

It's not that I don't have anything better to share with you today...it's just that my mom was so very excited when she spied me using this little strategy to spray paint that I thought I'd share with you all.
Preface: My mom gets excited about things like sandwiches and yarn.
When reusing hardware in a refinishing project, often it'll need some modification. For me, this was the case with this project.

The drawer pulls were an okay shape, and although I really wanted some brass pull rings, I didn't want to spend anything on this transformation. So I used each knob's screw to secure the knob onto an overturned dixie cup, like so:

...pulled out my trusty can o' gold Rustoleum spray paint, and went to town. This tip holds the knobs in place without knocking them over (thereby keeping a smooth finish as the spray paint dries), and it keeps my fingers out of the line of fire.

 Because eating fresh chocolate chip cookies with spray painted fingers is hard. And the parts of life that involve cookies should be delicious and easy.
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