I'm dreaming of a ruched duvet cover...

It's after Thanksgiving (I hope yours was lovely, by the way!), and the entirety of bloggyville is focused on Christmas. As they should be. And yet, I seem to be a cyber black sheep because my thoughts are nowhere near perfecting my holiday mantelscape or decorating a photo-worthy Christmas tree.
I threw some pine boughs on the mantel and let the kids decorate the tree. Even used rainbow-colored lights (*gasp!*) on it because my kidlets think they're pretty. (Hey, parenting is all about sacrifice, after all.)
Instead of calculating the perfect spot to hang mistletoe, my mind is pondering utterly non-Christmas projects. Most specifically something like these for the girls' beds:

I think, after doing this, I could knock these out pretty easily. And I think the girls would love them. Oooh, maybe I'll save them for Christmas gifts.
There. Turned this into a shimmering example of a Christmas-themed post like a champ, didn't I?
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  1. Hi! I just pinned some ruched bedding from Urban Outfitters for potential bedding for my girl. It is so cute!

    1. I'm a sucker for ruching lately. If I'm not careful, every bed in my house is going to be covered in it...which probably wouldn't go over well with my son...


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