Mailbox of Ages

This weekend was filled with random around-the-outside projects. Like digging out a massive concrete slab that held up our gate (which was destroyed during some big wind last week) and other stuff that you don't necessarily plan on doing but it must be done anyway.

Like finally replacing our old mailbox. It's a sad, lopsided specimen. It opens via a jimmy-rigged cabinet pull knob through an off-centered screw from the real handle that busted off. It leans and wobbles. You have to pull the whole mailbox a little forward in order for the flag to stay up. It's faded and rusted.
Our mailman hates us, I'm pretty sure.
Frankly, the only thing it has going for it is the cute man behind it, prepping the ground to yoink the mailbox out.

But after a coupla hours and a bag of concrete and some elbow grease, look at what we've got now:

It's the little things, people, to which I cling and in which I find joy.
K. Master bedroom makeover begins tomorrow, for real. Schedule your lives accordingly.
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