Master Bedroom Makeover: Inspiration Board

Master Bedroom Makeover
Day 1: Inspiration Board
** Note: This post is the first of a 12-step series in my master bedroom makeover.

My typical design style is: do stuff slowly, one thing at a time, kind of guess as you go, and pray everything turns out semi-okay at the end. Like how this room took 6 years to get to this point...and it involved lots of trial and error and waste.

Not that trial and error isn't a delicious part of designing a room into its own space, of course. It always will be. But I'm talking about the kind of trial and error where I make some purchases, try them out, and decide a month later they're no good, leaving my wallet hurting and my cute husband raising his eyebrows.

(In his defense, he tries to keep this reaction hidden from me, but I know him well enough to guess those imaginary eyebrows are up about 12 inches higher than normal...)

So. For my master bedroom overhaul, I've decided to attempt a traditional design route. Which means taking the time to think about and design an inspiration board. For me, this step is tricky because I'm forcing myself to incorporate furniture items I already have (and, therefore, know I'll have to use), then weaving in the new pieces for a, hopefully, cohesive and serene whole.

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Current roman blinds have blackout material behind them, which has been, in a word, AWESOME. I don't think I can ever go back to just drapes again. I like the texture of bamboo shades.

2. Chartreuse dots. Our bedspread already mimics this graphic, which is good because I love it. May incorporate it elsewhere, too, who knows.

3. Grey French provincial-style dresser. Already have an item similar. Actually, mine's a vanity, but it's the same vibe. Don't you love the legs and the frou-frou details?

4. Minty-grey linen headboard. It's official. That's what I'm going for. I love the appearance of double nailhead trim lines on this one.

5. Blue ikat. Super pretty. Blue makes a good accent color with all the greys and chartreuse going on already.

6. Square paper bedside lampshades. I'm a sucker for these. Plus, we already have a pair.

7. Love this cascading capiz shell pendant vibe...and I think I have some ideas for a DIY. We'll see how it turns out.

8. Don't you love this chartreuse grass-inspired throw pillow? Again, I think I could DIY one of these bad boys. Maybe.

9. Neutral chevron rug. I love the chevron pattern, but I don't want it to be a massive focal point, which is why lighter colors are key here. The plan is to clean up this one and use it.

10. Walnut dresser. My father-in-law made one for my husband and me for our wedding gift, and it's beautiful. It'll be challenging incorporating it into this space, because it's a bit darker, and large, and warm-wooded. But we'll make it work!

11. Light and bright drapes. Love the ceiling-to-floor-kiss length of these.

12. Overall, I love the vibe of this space, even though it's not a master bedroom. I hope to incorporate some kind of green well as the super pretty light grey walls.

Tomorrow is Day 2: Paint walls.
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