Master Bedroom SOS

As far as master bedrooms go, ours is pretty blah-zay (blase?). In fact, I could write a big ol' long post about how badly the room is in need of a makeover...but instead, I'll let the old adage of "a pic is worth a buncha words" earn its keep.
Never mind the wonky lighting, the tired pillows, the outdated artwork hung, and the other artwork yet to be hung:

Never mind the 1-foot-wide walkway into the en suite, the "Welcome Home Dad" signs blue-taped to the wall, or the lonely, undersized framed photo on the wall there:

Never mind the boring wall color paired with the total "you really let yourself go" sadness of the vanity tabletop:

Never mind any of this (except for the hat. Go Aggies!):

Never mind the fact that dark colors and harsh angles make this already, um, cozy-scale room feel practically minute:

Never mind the rubbermaid containers poking their beady little eyes out from under the bed...or the random wrinkled throw rug:

Never mind the hamper:

Never mind the razor my cute husband keeps, inconveniently, on his nightstand:

In the grand scheme of things, there are way more important things to be concerned with than changing up a master bedroom. I'm fully aware of this fact. But creating a serene space for my husband and I to retreat to has been a goal of mine for a while now, and it's time to make it happen.
Tune in over the next few weeks for the 12 Days of Master Bedroom Makeovering. It's guaranteed* to be like Christmas, only better.
*By "guaranteed," I mean it may or may not be exactly** true.
**And by "exactly," I mean it's a total lie.
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