Blog Award Acceptance...with a Twist

You all are very nice to me; have I mentioned how happy it makes me that you stop by on occasion? It does. Super happy. Makes me.
(And if Yoda were a blogger, there'd be a whole lot more of THAT kind of talk going on. Just sayin'.)
Some of you ladies have been kind enough to nominate me for some blog awards. Thank you! *blush*
In the interest of time and, well, interest, I'm going to do one fell blog award acceptance post and combine them. :)

This one comes from cute Allison, who blogs over at The Golden Sycamore. She has fantastic rustic-casual-chic taste and style, and I love checking out what's going on over there; you all should take a peek as well. Thanks, Allison!
1. Thank the nominator. (check)
2. Tell 7 things about yourself. (comin' up)
3. Nominate 15 other blogs. (hmm...taking an alternate route, see bottom of the post)
1. I used to be an Irish dancer.
2. My childhood nickname went from "Tank" (so dubbed as a baby by my 5 older brothers. I know. Nice.) to "Toaster Hair" (long story, too boring to relate, but it involves wet hair, a zillion braids, sleeping, brushing them out, and going to school).
3. #2 totally counts as two things.
4. I'm a major carnivore and LOVE a delicious medium rare steak; however, I rarely eat meat for health reasons. *sob*
5. I sometimes run marathons. But not lately. Sacrifices for my baby!
6. I play the piano and won a gold medal at a cut-throat piano competition in my youth. On a song called "Le Petit Ane Blanc." Which sounds super sophisticated and awesome in French...but loses some dignity when translated: "The Little White Donkey."
7. I watch Pride & Prejudice at least twice a year. The real deal BBC one, where you commit about a week of your life to get through it. Glorious.

This award comes from sweet Crystal, who blogs over at 29 Rue House. Crystal is as talented as she is kind, and she leaves the most thoughtful and genuine comments. Not just stuff like, "Awesome project! Follow me and I'll follow you," but actual stuff. I adore her classy-simple-real-life-doable style as well; you guys would love her blog. Check her out. Thanks, Crystal!
Also, Ashley (Living My Dash) nominated me for this one. I just "met" Ashley, and from what I can tell she's darling! Her blog is full of great home pick-me-up ideas and projects. Give her a visit, if you get a chance. Thanks, Ashley!
1. Include the logo on your blog. (check)
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself. (below)
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers. (will do...just follow the instructions below)
4. Link the person who nominated you. (done and done)
Favorite Color - Sheesh, I can't even choose this. FINE. Grey, because it's a fantastic neutral.
Favorite Animal - Boxer (dog). Ours died this year, which was very sad.
Favorite Number - 3 or 7. Why? Because I arbitrarily chose those as my favorites in, like, 1st grade, that's why.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage - Water (no, seriously). Or Minute Maid Lemonade light. Mmmmm...
FB or Twitter - I'm not a guru on either one, but probably FB.
Obsession - Ombre. No surprise there.
Get or Give Gifts - Get. I'm greedy, okay? Giving is awesome, too, but if I'm being honest and HAD to choose, I'd rather get something. Heh. Judge me.
Favorite Pattern - Ikat.
Favorite Day of the Week - FridaySaturdaySunday. Or any day that my husband has off work and the kids are home from school. Because that's Family Party Time!
Favorite Flower - Daisy. So cheerful, genuine, and fresh.
Seriously, thank you, ladies, for the nominations! I liked filling out this info. 
Okay, so here's where I go rogue. Please don't think I'm a jerk, but...I'm terrible at pass-it-on stuff. My kids have missed out on no less than 14,000 sticker pages because I never passed on those chain letters. Sourdough bread starts have fermented on my kitchen counter because I never copied the instructions to pass them on. You get the picture.

So, how about this. If you're a regular girl who happens to have a blog, and you'd like me to nominate you, email me, and I'll nominate you.
We'll call it the One Lovely Rogue Blog Award.
Ready, set, go.
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  1. Hey Brittney - I just saw your tree skirt over at House of Hepworths today. Good for you! And your blog makes me happy!

    1. Hi Laree! I'm glad my blog makes you makes me happy, too. :) xox


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