Display the Christmas Letters You Get

Continuing on with my keep-it-simple, keep-it-festive, keep-it-free holiday decor scheme of this (and, let's be honest, every) year, I'd like to share with you what we do with the Christmas letters we get each year.

(This is different from the kind of Christmas card discussed & displayed here.)

Get ready for this. It's genius. It's never-before-seen* footage.

*Except probably at your aunt Mable's house. And your two-doors-down neighbor's. But other than that, never.


Attached by paper clips onto our twinkly-lit, garland-entwined railing in the entryway. 
Because the kids like seeing their friends' and cousins' faces every day.

I took this pic early in the season, when photo-card real estate was spacious. In about a week, this thing will be deliciously, delightfully, lovingly jam-packed with faces of loved ones.
There's nothing better than the everyday reminder that people you love love you right back.
Merry Christmas to us all.
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  1. Beautiful! At my house we hang twine on the wall and then clothespin Christmas cards along the twin - like a little laundry line of love!

    1. I meant "along the twine" - no Twins in our house. Just us two. And the cats. Who are clearly different.

    2. Haha! Oh, you just made me laugh out loud, Amy. "Who are clearly different." Hahaha!
      Yes, anything for a little laundry line of love. :)


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