Rugs rugs rugs!

I love getting stuff in the mail. Even if it's stuff I ordered myself and tracked almost hourly until delivery, it's still super exciting.
I ordered two rugs at a killer sale from here a couple weeks ago.

Hooray! Bless you, RugsUSA. Bless you, UPS man. Bless you, world in general.
We're currently trying out one of them under our dining table. The colors are magnificent, and I have big plans (always) to build a new dining table and get some other chairs. But that won't happen until spring at the earliest, so I'm content to enjoy this rug for what it is right now.

And what it is is glorious.
Anyone have any rug love? I'd love a pic or URL. I could spend hours and hours looking at rugs. Could and have. And will again.
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  1. Anonymous1/10/2013

    Nice rugs. And i really like the design. I will buy some of your rug soon. Keep on sharing!

    North Vancouver Rug Cleaning

  2. I am LOVING this rug!! Can you tell me the name of it? There are SO Many rugs on that website!!!

    1. Hey Stephanie, I don't recall off the top of my head, but I posted about it here:
      Happy rug-hunting! :)


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