Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Guest Bedroom Makeover
Day 1: Inspiration Board
Welcome to the first step of a 12-step room makeover process!
I don't know if you recall, but there was a time when I didn't do inspiration boards at the start of a room makeover. Of course, I didn't make over one room all at once, either. Maybe change a thing here, switch something there, replace another later. Laissez faire. (And if I spelled THAT correctly a decade after my last college History class, well, gold star for me. And for you, too. Just because I'm generous like that.)
But. You guys. I took a big-girl leap and did an inspiration board here. And here. And many other times that (you're welcome) I don't post. I'm hooked. The process is soooo much easier! And better! And faster! And better! And cheaper. And better!
So. We've been in desperate need of a makeover for our guest bedroom for quite some time now. Years.
(In the grand scheme of things, by "desperate need" I of course mean "don't need, but really really want." Like how I need milkshakes and these ballet flats. Samesies.)
K, inspiration board for guest bedroom. Ready set go.

1. Whitewashed pallet boards. Somewhere, somehow, I'd love to incorporate this component.

2. Rug: Radiante Hearts Beige, I got it last November during a killer sale at RugsUSA.

3. Crisp bedding. Something white-ish and DIY. (Natch.)

4. You're all shocked, I know, that burlap somehow weasled its way into this. But I have a vague idea for this textural stuff. We'll see if and how it turns out. Stay tuned.

5. Some kind of chunky gold framed art. (I know, you're all impressed by my specifics, aren't you. Don't fret. I'll come up with something.)

6. A simple linen pillow with a cute muted texture detail. Methinks a DIY is in order with this as inspiration, kind of like how I did this pillow.

7. Metallic statue of some sort. Love these owls, for example.

8. I like the rope-hung round mirror here. I don't know if I can make this happen, but I'm sure going to try.

9. Simple whitish curtains, trimmed out. I love the poms here. If they're good enough for Anthropologie, they're good enough for me.

10. I have an Ikea dresser screaming for this classy upgrade.

11. This painted pillow is utterly adorable. Adds a sweet and fairly subtle graphic.

12. Birch branch light fixture. Yes, yes, and yes. The stars would have to align for me to pull this off, but isn't it fabulous?

13. My overall room inspiration room. I love how this one is in the basement and isn't overly large or light - it mimics our guest bedroom in that regard. Love the coziness and style here, although I don't want to go too far into Rustic-ville.

Anyway. This is my inspiration. Not signed in blood or anything (ew), but it's a start.

Come back for Day 2: Paint the walls.
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