Ottoman & Decorators Tape

Happy New Year! I love a new year and a fresh start and I swear this is going to be the year I exercise religiously...starting tomorrow... :)

Ready for the super-simplest (and, frankly, so-lame-it-probably-shouldn't-be-blogged) project known to man? Here:
Our family room is home to this big box of a hinged-top ottoman:

I rescued it from craigslist last summer, and if you think it's nothing special now, believe you me, it was hideous then. I painted it out in a random light blue I had on hand and quickly (and, if I'm honest, carelessly) reupholstered the top (because not all projects are created equal for me, what can I say) with this fantastic herringbone fabric my friend found at HomeFabrics for like $1 a yard.
I just wanted something sturdy that the kids could jump onto or off of, and that would store unsightlies, and that our feet could lounge atop whilst we watch awesome shows like American Pickers on the history channel.
Check, check, and check. And a bonus point for casual use of the word "atop."
However, I've always felt like the blue sides were a little too, well, mass-o-solid. I had some decorators tape on hand today and thought I'd add a little detail while I watched the kids wrestle their dad.
So I took a blurry photo for you all...

...and taped out a frame in about 5 minutes. Kinda wild, what with the diagonals going every which way, but I actually don't hate it with the herringbone.

Then the tape started peeling off a little bit, so I mod podged it back on. Because nothing says "permanent furniture makeover" like peeling tape and mod podge.
And if this project isn't the catalyst to a wildly successful and home-improved new year, well, I don't know what is.
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