Rugs Sale...crazy great rugs

Hey friends,

I just wanted to let you know that, although I'm in no way affiliated with RugsUSA, I have bought rugs from them in the past and really like them. We all know rugs are expensive, but these are very reasonably priced and fabulous looking!
Anywho, far be it from me to tell you what to do with your weekend time, but if you're looking, here's an idea: Go check out RugsUSA for a crazy 65% off sale (but only through Monday). There are all sorts of chevron and trellis and ikat patterns. Like these:
Fergana Drip Chevron

Radiante Lanterns Ikat
Quinta Meridian Chevron
Tuscan Trellis
Homespun Blocks
(I bought the one below; it's now in my master bedroom instead of the chevron rug shown here.)
Radiante Hearts Ikat

Santa Ana Verden Ikat
(I bought the one below, too, and slobbered all over myself telling you about it here.)
Radiante Ning

Anyways. There are too many to even post here, you'll just have to go check them out. Happy shopping!


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  1. I can't ever go to RugsUSA. It's like or Etsy. I get on and then five hours later....hey mom, what's for dinner. whaaat?

    I do love their sales, though! :)

  2. all so pretty!!!! i definitely need some new rugs around here but not ready to commit to anything yet!

    1. Rugs are like couches for me--such an investment, it's hard to commit because, gah! so many options!


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