Classic B&W Stripe

Happy Valentine's Day!

Speaking of love...what's not to love about a little classic black-and-white-stripe? 

It's a pattern that's been around forever, I know, but it's such a graphic, memorable pattern. Do you remember this space of Kirsten Hollister's in Oprah magazine a few years back? 

And how about this striped headboard? Simple, bold, and beautiful.
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This one (below) of Jenny's from LGN just might be my favorite - I love everything about this photo, from the gallery wall to the throw pillows to the modern slim b&w striped upholstery on a vintage settee.


I know stripes can sometimes look a little circus-tent-ish. I think a narrower stripe helps to avoid that, though.

I hope your day is wonderful. I've got kids a little under the weather (again) (or "still," really), so we get to cozy up at home today. Just, y'know, not too close...

Happy Valentine's Day.
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  1. Loving those striped chairs in photo #2!

    1. I know, right? They're the perfect width, I think.


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