Modern Floral

We've been handed-me-down a club chair with great bones but a quite unfortunate color of upholstery. I've been toying with the idea of reupholstering it in some kind of modern floral.
(And, speaking of's officially February! Don't forget to check with your local florist or do some sort of flowers by mail for the person you love.)
(Can you tell I really really hope my husband reads this post in a timely manner? Subtle I'm not...)
ANYway. Maybe something floral is in my future?
I love the colorful vintage vibe, modern art, and floral all over the place in this one. It's a little busy, admittedly, but I think it's charming.
Enjoying the subtle overlapping of area rugs in this one. Of course, with the floral rugs, floral upholstery, floral artwork, it *might* be a little over-the-top floralicious. But you gotta admire their commitment.

 This flower wallpaper is bolder than life. I think it would feel like Valentine's year-round in this kitchen.
This is an interesting floral-meets-geometric-meets-ikat compilation. I don't hate it. Looks comfy and inviting, no? ( you spy that rug? LOVE it.)
To me, this is ultimate "modern floral." Does Andy Warhol-inspired fabric exist?
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I really love this bold and whimsically oversized L&S fabric ("Hazel"). Great colors, and it's reasonably priced, too...

And this Richloom print would look great with with dark contrast piping and a striped throw pillow:

This is a fun modern Waverly print that has almost a vintage feel. Piped in bright coral or deep tangerine and paired with a simple chevron throw pillow, maybe in navy and white.

I'm having a hard time commiting, though, because I'm not sure my home (or style altogether) is brave enough for a floral-upholstered gig. There's always the safer route of going neutral and then adding a few stand-out throw pillows. Which, let's be honest, is probably more my speed.

What about you? Would you commit upholstery to something so bold? Or leave the boldness for the accessories?
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  1. Whew! That second has A LOT of floral in it! But I do love floral prints!!

    1. I.KNOW! Can you imagine living in a cuh-razy indoor garden like that? I think I would die. But...honestly? I just have to admire the designer(s). They stuck to their guns. Or petals. Whichever. And, individually, I do love the florals.


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