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I'm not the only one in the world to whom this applies, but I just need to let you all know: I'm busy. Super busy. In a good, happy, productive sort of way, but also in a rather foreboding if-something-doesn't-give-I'm-going-to-regret-it sort of way.
You've been there, too, right?
I'm planning on easing up on ye ol' blog a bit. If I'm doing something fun and awesome with my house, I'll enjoy sharing it here with my typical photo-heavy ridiculousness and dry-bordering-on-sarcastic humor. If, however, life has gotten busy for a day or a week, my posting will be sparser.
This is a better long-term plan for me, for my family, and for my blog. Because, man, life is whizzing by, and I'm gasping to keep up lately.

My 4-year-old just registered for kindergarten today, for example. (Passed the assessment with flying colors, in case you're wondering.) (#totalmombrag) And we had to celebrate with a slice of pumpk-choc-chip bread at the bakery. And she needed someone to watch Tinkerbell with her for a few minutes when we got home while her baby sister was napping. And I didn't give a thought to anything home decor all weekend or Monday morning long. Quality time, people. My kids are way too big way too fast lately. And I don't want the moments to pass me by while I'm glued to a computer screen.

But, to reward you for reading all this way and to prove that I'm not throwing in the proverbial towel, check out this fantastic oxidized oak framed mirror from Anthro that retails for a gazillion dollars but that we could all bust out in about 5 minutes with a nasty old oak frame and some flat black paint:

You love? I do.
Anyway. Speaking of love: I don't love you all any less, I don't love DIYing any less, I don't love home decor any less. But, for now, my blog posting will likely be less.
Thanks for understanding...and for adding me to or keeping me on your reader, for those awe-inspiring (*cough*) nuggets I will undoubtedly pass your way.
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  1. Thanks for helping my mom with some decorating ideas. She gave me a call and told me about how much she appreciated it and what a help you were. Love you!

    1. I don't know if I helped her at all, but I sure love your mom. And you, Joyce.

  2. I knew you were one crazy busy lady!!! Have fun and share when you have time!

    1. Thanks, Crystal. Want to move to Utah anytime soon? I think we'd get along great, you and I.


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