Maps in Home Decor

In my house growing up, an entire wall in our family room was covered in a world map wallpaper, like this one:
 The wallpaper map, coupled with a much-used pool table a few feet away, made the family room of my youth an awesome hangout.

So, I know they're pretty trendy and all, but I've kind of been in love with maps since. I love the casual global-mindedness of a map, be it contemporary or vintage, bold or muted, framed or taped to the wall.




Well, anyway. Those photos are all well and good I suppose, but I think I took world-map-classiness* to a whole new level with some mod podge and pages of an old road map book in my son's bedroom:
*sense the sarcasm, please.

Don't be jealous of the sophistication abounding around here...or of the fact that my son will likely learn driving directions for every major thoroughfare from Vermont through Wyoming (alphabetically speaking) by age 9.

[Editor's note: Truth be told, Carson loves this addition to his room, and we bonded doing the decor project together, so despite its obvious DIYness, I'm totally chalking the thing up to a W.]
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  1. I love maps!

    And I think the DIY in your son's room turned out great =)

    1. I love maps, too. And about my son's room...well, he helped me do it, and he LOVES the addition. So. All's well that, um, is well. :) Thanks, Vanessa.


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