DIY Art Frame (out of Painter's Tape)

My 6-year-old daughter would cover her entire room in tape if I'd let her. Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, washi tape. Doesn't matter. She loves it all.
And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, apparently...
Similar to this DIY Art Frame I showed you last week, I've been playing around with other ways to frame stuff. Today's DIY is neither ground-breaking nor drool-worthy. But it's simple and it's free, and it frames up art. So.

(Note: I painted this black-and-white abstract on foam board myself. Picasso, I ain't. But it got the job done. I wouldn't recommend this framing method for "real" artwork.)
Take your art piece and lay it on a flat surface, like the dining room table. Take two cookie sheets (mmmm...cookies) and lay each down so it's a couple of inches wider than the widest part of your art. Weigh them down with something. (Like sick plants that are on their way to the dumpster. Because they can do this one last thing in life.)
Pull out strips of painter's tape so they stick to the sides of the pan. I did three strips - two for the top and bottom edges of my art, and one to be cut in half for the sides. Paint them with whatever color of paint you want your frame to be.
Let them dry thoroughly. If you use acrylic paint, like I did, it'll dry quickly. Then, using this method, create your art frame. Hang up art.
(Never mind the blankets hanging there awaiting laundry put-away time.)

This is the verrrry beginnings of an art gallery wall in our master bedroom. Because I moved the grey loveseat from the living room in here, where the vanity used to be, and I thought an art wall would lend sophistication to the space...or, at the very least, counter-balance the smashed cheerios from our delightful 11-month-old crawling destructo-baby.
Happy painted-tape-framing, people.

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