Big Bench in a Tiny Entryway

Like a chess mastermind, I've been moving furniture like pawns and bishops around here.
(Never mind the fact that my 8-year-old son creams me at real chess.)
(Maybe I let him win, after all.)
(I don't.)
(But my furniture doesn't know that. So shhh.)

Alarming quantity of monologuish parenthetical notations aside, I love the convenience and look of a bench in an entryway.
So I took this bench (which has been around the block a time or two...) and moved it into my entryway. Which, if I'm being completely honest, is just a semi-misleading term that actually means, "Look out for the opening front door, it'll smash your toes because that's all this space was designed for."

Anyone else have a teensy entryway like that?


 I'm working on a different art and rug arrangement. (I know. *phew*) And while I like the idea of a bench here, this is definitely not the prime candidate. Too wide. Too long.

You may or may not recall the table that I had here previously. It had much better proportions for the space, but with a zillion kids running in and out all the time and the never-ending shoe scrambles that ensued, a bench is a good fit for us.

Here are some other (actually inspiring) entryway benches:

(I just love the chandelier here. The wooden bench is a warming factor in the cool space, but I feel like the slate tiles needs a rug.)

The suzani-esque fabric on this bench is phenomenal...annnnnd I'll take a couple of these cane handles in the umbrella stand, thankyouverymuch.

Cool under the bench here.
This one had me at industrial-boxes-on-casters, frankly, but I also love that the bench is built in.
Martha Stewart
I've actually been making Bambi eyes at my husband to frame in the "picture window" in our entryway because it's currently a waste of a wall. And I want rows upon rows of useful hooks by every doorway. Is that so wrong?
So. There you have it. An oversized bench in a nonexistent entryway, with plans to redo the whole concept. Good thing decorating is, at least for me, a delightful trial-and-error process.
What hardly noteworthy projects have you been up to?
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  1. I'd love a bigger/better entry way - we have one wide enough for the door to open and then back up so people can actually get in the house. I guess that keeps people out too. ;)

    1. Hah! Yes, there's a silver lining, Alison... "Hello, solicitor-lady. I'd love to invite you in so you can sell me your wares, but, welp, there's no room for you to come in. Sorry. And goodbye."

  2. It's like looking into a crowded elevator with me and the 4 minions staring - back away and go to the next door please. :)

  3. I have zero entry. Well its a closet and no space to decorate when nate says your entry is the most important part of your home. Dang. It's one thing I wish I had in this house.


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