Stuff In Your House: To Love or Not To Love

William Morris said: 
"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
Do you guys agree? I do, to some degree. I'm working on simplifying (translation: getting rid of) the amount Stuff in my home. Because how much random stuff we have around here is bordering on obscene.

But sometimes I need a break from things I love, sometimes things I don't love at first will grow on me, sometimes I'm just not sure if I love something at all but don't want to eliminate it because of that very fact -- I'm just not sure. So I admire Bill's overall sentiment (I'm pretty sure he goes by Bill, aren't you?), but I can't clutch it to my heart and run with it into the sunset of my life. 
End babblings by me. Here are some living room designs that I do love:

Warmth and richness of the leather couch is perfection with the washed-out look of the chunky striped rug:

Colorful striped rugs layered on top of each other + Max Wanger photo = awesome. Plus a cherry on top, with that chandy.

Yeah, same space as above, just different room. (I love how Emily Henderson uses color.) Equally awesome.

Hello, grandmother's crochet squares. You look so perfect in the same setting as that humongous industrial floor lamp.

Coffee table legs. Love love love. Plus also the fact that the rug resembles a retro kitchen linoleum floor. Kind of.

Sweet space, even though it's fake (sorry, Ikea, but your catalogue doesn't count as "real life"). Great gallery wall and chartreuse textiles.

Thanks for your patience with me and my limited posting this week. We've been battling some sickness, passing it around and around and around. Not exactly what we're after when we encourage our kids to share...
Happy weekend.
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  2. The best part was the monkey hanging from the lamp in the first image. Hope everyone is feeling better.

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