Mint Greenish Aquamarine in the Living Room

As you know, I'm thinking about painting our living room walls. At first, I thought slightly off-white would be perfect, just because there's already quite a bit going on in my space. Like these:

White is a perfect backdrop for all the eclectic decor and color in the photo below. Honestly, I love this space. I could exist here quite happily for years.

This one is super pretty. More formal than my space, but it breathes serenity and elegance, don't you think?

I like how these warm whitish walls are super crisp and clean, but not sterile:

But after discussing things with a friend and thinking about it for a while, I think white walls would lose all the white accents that are currently in my living room, turning the whole room into one mush of white porridge. Lumpy porridge at that.
So now I'm leaning more toward a soft mint green aqua(ish), taking cues from one of the colors of the floral area rug that's in there.

I'm not alone in loving the color, either. Like this chair:

And this wall color (except I'd go lighter; I don't have as many warm wood tones as this space):

This is a little greener than I'm leaning, but the saturation is about right for what I'm after:

Okay, now I'm just posting random pretty pictures. Check, please:

These Eames dining chairs are about spot-on. I'll take 6, thankyouverymuch.

This pale aqua is super dreamy and serene. Not the feeling I'm going for in the living room, but it sure is pretty:

I like the warmth and richness of this one:

Okay, Photo overload. What about you all? Any pale minty aquaish paint colors you'd recommend I look into?
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  1. It's funny, I've realized when I look at pictures online that I love aqua. But only online. In person I never really like it. I'm more of a straight blue girl.

    But I do love some of those spaces!

  2. I'd die if I could live inside of that first (with my fam of course!).

  3. LOVING that last bedroom photo - with the fireplace and the mint and coral! LOVE!

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