Patchwork Furniture, How Do I Love Thee?

I heard somewhere that granny squares are making a comeback. Awesome.

On a semi-unrelated note...let's talk patchwork. I have no idea if this is making a "comeback" or not, but I really and truly love patchwork in unexpected places. Like on furniture. So fresh, fun, and dare I say rebellious?

Yes, yes I dare.
(But this blog is written by a girl with a rebel's heart, so beware. Case-in-point: I ate oatmeal cake for breakfast. So.)




You all know by now, because I keep blabbing incessantly about it (cough and sniff), that I'm reupholstering a settee. (Tutorials forthcoming.)

The throw pillows that came with the settee were screaming for a makeover. And, hey, what better facelift than patchwork?

I heart them.
I think (hope? fingers crossed) they'll be a nice brightening touch for the new settee.

If you want, feel free to check back here tomorrow for a full-blown tutorial on an easy way to make these bad boys.
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