Yep...Still Loving Mattress Ticking...

I'm loving old-school mattress ticking stripes these days. (And by "these days," I'm talking about the past year or three.) LOVING it. So much so that I'm using the stuff to embark upon my next reupholstery project. It's textural, organic, earthy, down-homey (yep), striped-yet-neutral, versatile, and just plain awesome.

Looking crisp and modern in this bright, eclectic space:


This is a great comfy-rumpled yet also plush look. That sweet lounging golden retriever has the right idea...

Perhaps overall this is a little more country than is my taste, but I do like the variety of ticking all lumped together here.


I like how the charming ticking softens this dramatic, otherwise hard-lined living room space.


I've been envisioning redoing the frame of my settee into a creamy-colored distressed fa├žade, but the dark wood on this settee makes me rethink that. Isn't the contrast so pretty?
More ticking and dark(ish) wood.


Deep down, though, I really really love a creamy antiquey farmhouse finish, like on these chairs from Miss Mustard Seed. Plus, it's a little more forgiving in the life-with-kids realm.


Anyway. Mattress ticking. So many options.
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