Bluey-Greeny-Grey Kitchen Cabinets (lowers)

On a whim last week (after thinking about it for months), I painted out our lower kitchen cabinets. Benjamin Moore's Buxton Blue, if you're curious. Which is an absolutely lovely color - a warm bluey-greeny-grey.

I've been hesitant to change out the all-white scheme of the cabinetry, simply because we have white appliances, and I didn't want them to stand out. But, at the end of the day, I love color, and I was ready for a (budget-friendly) change in the kitchen.

I love the color itself - it's warm and deep but still light and fresh.

But I'm not the only one loving this versatile color; it's everywhere!:
The color looks great even in a bedroom. Or bathroom.


So. Bluey greeny greyish kitchen. Yes, please!
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  1. Love it! Our house is all tan.....bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen. I'd love to paint our kitchen this color. I'll keep this in mind. :)

  2. Hello,

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  3. In kitchen cabinetry mostly we used some of the hardware’s or cabinet hardware’s. The hardware is the term used for metal fittings incorporated into a cabinet extraneous of the wood substitute and the counter top. The most basic hardware consists of hinges and drawer/door pulls, although only hinges are an absolute necessity for a cabinet it fashioned of wood or plastic. It is highly unusual to use wood for a drawer slides owing to the much superior quality of drawers slides /sides. Special hardware’s also used in kitchen cabinetry.


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