Kitchen: House Tour

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who cooked over an open flame. She probably burned woolly mammoth stew a lot. She probably would've killed, or at least seriously maimed, for a kitchen like this:
(errr...minus the mid-renovation status...)

(Photos taken circa 2008.)
Not me, though! When we moved into our home in 2006, the kitchen was the armpit of the house. Dark wood, zero natural light, low-hanging fluorescent light tiles, cave-like and depressing.
We did some cabinet moving (swung the cabinet that caved-in the kitchen, which was originally mounted right above the countertop bar so as to block sightlines and light, out into the dining room so as to lighten up the kitchen but not lose precious cabinet space), repainted all cabinets white, added hardward, installed an over-the-range microwave, and put in a tile backsplash.

(Photos taken circa 2008.)
We've changed some things since doing this, but not a lot. Our dream is to replace countertops with something much awesomer than formica. Surely you have dreams as romantic and earth-shattering as ours.
To check out other lovely works in progress in my home, click here.
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