Storage Bins: 11 Stylish Options

As some of you may be aware, I'm working on reorganizing my laundry room. Actually, "re"organizing would imply that it was ever organized to begin with, and that may be a huge assumption on everyone's part.
So I've been scouring Cyberville for storage bins and containers, and I'm finding some good options - everything from plastic storage bins to woven to fabric and in between. While I've narrowed some down for myself, I thought I'd share some of the things I've found. Nothing ground-breaking here, I know, but it might save you a few minutes if you're in the market for some storage containers of your own. 
$4.99 for a basic fabric storage cube with grommet handle (on mega-sale down from $11.99)

 This woven number looks awesomely sturdy, and I love the greyer tones. But at $49 a pop, I don't think it's the right option for me. (I'm going to need a bunch!)
Fabric storage cubes are always a great budget option, like these two (below) for $9.99. Multiple colors to choose from.
Ikea is hard to beat when it comes to affordable storage options, and this woven BRANAS cube for $12.99 is no exception.
For a kids' room, maybe? I like the woven-ness of this one, and for $8.95, it's not bad. I just wish the color selection was a little broader. 

Ikea does it again, this time in the MAGGA for $7.99 - a bit of a chevron in a roundish shape? Love.
 I'm going to admit that this one ($21.97 for six) (SIX!) is definitely in the running. Especially for a laundry room, where moisture plays a factor. Not super glamorous, but functionality can be glamorous by its very nature of being functional...right...? 
Hello, lovelies. Come home with me. You can call me Mom. $16.95 for the smaller one.
This one is my very favorite of them all. Nothing is quite as chic and awesome as a grey wool perfectly squared off box. It speaks to my soul. (And also, apparently my soul is a bland old granny who eats oatmeal every morning.) (So be it.) $16.96
Not bad. A fun, colorful box right here that looks well-made, and at just $15, it would be hard to pass up.
Okay, so it's nothing crazy-cool, but at $2.99, this basic fabric storage cube is hard to pass up.
So. There you have it. Any other ideas of great and cheap storage bins?
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  1. Love this post...trying to find the black ones from CB2 online but can't seem to locate them...any idea how to find them?

  2. This article gives tips for storing off-season garments correctly. Included are a variety of fabrics that all need to be stored differently.


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